Tin Soldiers is the deeply personal story of people afflicted with one of the world’s most rare conditions and the search to identify those still living in the dark – the victims whose symptoms defy the understanding of those around them.

A compelling tale of courage set against the backdrop of medical science, this is the story of real life ‘Tin Soldiers’ overcoming human frailty to show that within a body, sabotaged, can surge the spirit of a survivor.

The film travels from the dusty streets of South African townships to Brazil, The United States, the United Kingdom and France, documenting the experiences of patients and their families as they walk differing paths, while sharing a common purpose: to prevail.

Interwoven with the personal stories of challenge and triumph is the narrative of medical science, highlighting the global effort to unlock the mystery that is FOP, as well as the search for those sufferers who remain undiagnosed.

Tin Soldiers is an independent documentary film that embarks on an unprecedented search for the unidentified victims, as it gives voice to FOP warriors in the telling of their stories ‒ shining a light on a little-known condition in some of the world’s most under-served communities.

From the producers

Parenting my child with FOP, I can reflect on the beginning of our story and the isolation we felt at the time of diagnosis. Not knowing what was wrong with my son, not knowing what to do, or where to find answers, or who to ask… are all emotions that have motivated me to be an advocate in the global FOP community for many years. Remembering those beginning feelings of isolation drove me to reach out to Odette from Blink Pictures to have her tell the story of a few members of the FOP community that represent the courage, perseverance and inspiration I have witnessed throughout this rare community in many members, all over the world.

The mission of the Tin Soldiers documentary and Outreach program are focused on lasting change, and we remain determined to find those in the FOP family across the globe that are alone, do not know what they are suffering from and who are living with many of the feelings I felt in the beginning of our journey 24 years ago.

Along the way, we will educate many, care for all and bring education and resources to the ones in need.

Advocating for someone’s quality of LIFE is a path often made up of small incremental changes that can quietly shift the landscape in profound ways.

Amanda – Executive Producer

Every now and again a story comes along that, against all odds, demands to be told. A story that grabs you by the heart and compels you to make the impossible possible. Tin Soldiers is one of those stories.

I have the luck of being blessed with the skill of storytelling; of being surrounded by the most incredible team of storytellers – cinematographers, editors, writers and lovers of tales that unearth a human truth.

This story has chosen us to tell it – and tell it we will.

This documentary has a purpose beyond storytelling and art; beyond raising awareness.

It could help us find families looking for answers.

Beyond a film, Tin Soldiers, could help unlock patients from the terrifying mystery of being afflicted with a disease they don’t understand.

We could potentially change lives in ways we may not ourselves be able to fully understand.

I am deeply humbled and grateful to be on this journey.

Odette – Executive Producer and Maker of Films